A Poem: Wasted Nights and Last Rites

I'm good as long as I can see the stars.

Up there you'll find my memoirs.

Countless stories you can't fit in railcars.

Let's live immortal.

A life barely normal.

I'm just being thoughtful.

We can fly over any hurdle.

I just want to do this life loud and unafraid.

Nothing about me is man-made so I don't have to put up a charade.

If I fail, I'll just try again like I'm in an arcade.

I'm 25 and there are times I feel so alive.

I dive in with everything I got cause I want to thrive.

I'm just a kid living for today.

Tomorrow will be yesterday anyway.

Stay with me and maybe it will feel like a day with the Scooby gang.

Don't worry, this isn't Hemingway.

Soft sand between my toes.

Makes me think I suppose.

Past and present and future juxtapose.

Nevertheless I remain in repose.

Age can be outrun one day at a time.

Looking up has always benefitted me in the long run.

Doesn't it sound fun?

My shadow can be as rare as the brilliance of the midnight sun. In the end I will have won. Don't waste the nights. Relive the highlights. Time has no price. Reach for the heights. These are your last rites.

[Inspired by the song: Wasted Nights by ONE OK ROCK]