a soliloquy: it isn't in my blood

my nature

to fight failure

i'm not a player

keep your wager

cause i know the danger

i reject the thought

that twisted love knot

deadlier than a gunshot

always within earshot

hating my train of thought

make it stop

escape from the lies

i will not compromise

death to my eyes

before i romanticize

i look to the shore

there i cry for

my kiss forevermore

i know what i ask for

state of mind always in high tide

my affections on a joyride

the truth hits me like a landslide

weightier than a homicide

then you won't catch me backslide

watch me stand

carefree is the key in my hand

and my wedding band

upsetting falsehood

safekeeping my virgin womanhood

still, there i stood

i know my worth

[Inspired from the song: In My Blood by Shawn Mendes]