It's more than that.

To me, dancing is intimate.

You're getting to know someone.

You are in each others' personal spaces.

It's a shared moment and memory.

I actually can't really dance.

I'll mostly be singing the song.

I just wave my arms around and move my feet to the beat.

Life has a rhythm to it, right?

We can split them into seasons, decades, and generations.

There's an underlying tone and beat to the way we move.

I think it's important to not just be blowing in the wind.

To have no sense of the rhythm of life.

Or to not understand how the seasons change.

That is a road with no path and no direction.

Why don't we dance to the music?

There's only one artist to the rhythm of life and His Name is I AM.

What does it look like?

It looks like King David. Dancing. Naked.

No, we definitely don't have to all go outside naked to dance for God.

However, are our hearts exposed to Him?

Are we willing to be vulnerable and even unafraid?

Are we willing to look undignified?

To be honest, the scariest dance partner is God.

Because when I let Him in my space, He changes me.

He challenges what I think and feel.

He knows me fully and loves all of me.

Sometimes He even lets me lead but the thing is, He's always in control

and knows exactly where I'm going.

He shows me the hardest dance moves and teaches me how to stay on rhythm.

He also constantly lifts my head from looking at my feet to keep my eyes locked on His.

He's actually the best dance partner because He makes it all better.

To be a Christian is to commit to this life long dance with God.

We are no longer tossed by the winds of culture and society.

It's simple: we have a path and direction to love others as Jesus has loved us.

My question is: who are you dancing with?

[Inspired by the song: Undignified by REND COLLECTIVE]