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If you know me at all, I LOVE listening to Podcasts when I'm grocery shopping or going on a road trip. Below I have crafted a recommendation list of Podcasts (sermons) that have changed my life. These are the podcasts I come back to over and over for remembrance and to refresh my mind on the truth of the Gospel. I promise you- all of these are mind-blowing truth bombs of the Word of God and will be helpful to you in your walk of faith.

So let's get started :)

1.Don't Waste Your Family by Ben Stuart.

In this sermon Ben Stuart articulately reveals what the Word of God says about your nuclear family. The joy and pain we experience within the family God has placed us in plays a huge part in who we grow up to be and how we perceive the world.

2. Marriage by Ben Stuart.

Another banger sermon by Ben Stuart! The title is self-explanatory :) Ben Stuart dives into the story of Priscilla and Aquila from the New Testament to give an accurate picture of a Godly marriage. I am single but I found this sermon extremely encouraging and helpful in deciding what kind of spouse I am looking for. I would also highly recommend for married couples to listen to this as well.

3. Wisdom Makes a Way Parts 1-8 by Brian Houston.

You're doing yourself a BIG FAVOR if you listen to all 8 parts of Brian Houston's Wisdom Makes a Way. If you're someone like me, very much in dire need of Godly wisdom and discernment, this message will captivate you. Brian Houston has a beautiful way of preaching how to apply the Word of God to everyday life! Also, his voice is fun to listen to! :)

4. Can Someone Be Gay and Be a Christian? by David Marvin

David Marvin tackles such a hard subject with ease and loving scripture. This sermon is by far one of the best messages on sexuality that I've heard in a long time. Everyone should listen to this.

5. Gossip and Restraint by David Marvin

If you're thinking: "But I don't gossip!" Think again. Listen to this.

If you're thinking: "Oh yeah, I definitely have that problem." Listen to this.

Gossip breeds sinful division, which is the antithesis of Gospel. However, this message isn't just about gossip. It's a message about how to love people with our words and actions.

6. Positioned to Party by Judah Smith

Do your emotions ever get the best of you? Yeah, me too. Judah Smith is an excellent communicator of simple gospel truths. He unveils Bible stories so clearly and I have been encouraged by this message time and time again.

7. Favored on a Monday by Judah Smith

Another absolute favorite of mine by Judah Smith. If you feel like God isn't as close to your story.. or where you're at in life is devoid of meaning.. or maybe you just feel unseen and unheard. You're wrong. You. Are. Favored. By. God.

8. Get Up and Eat by John Chastine

Feeling tired ? Apathetic in your Spirit? Maybe feeling some bitterness? John Chastine gives his listeners a lot to chew on in this packed message. A GREAT and NECESSARY listen.

9. Crushing Fear by Todd White

Okay, so this message is on Youtube because I couldn't find it on Podcast Platforms. But hey, Todd White shares the Gospel like it is. This sermon will have you on your knees crying good tears because God is so GOOD and so POWERFUL. If you're looking for encouragement, this sermon is mostly testimonial (a story), and you will walk away feeling the Spirit of God come alive inside of you.

That's all I have for you guys today! :)

Be encouraged.

Feed yourself the Word of God.

Receive instruction and teaching.

Share your knowledge and gifting to the world and bless others.

Feel free to comment below and share what you think or questions you may have.

You can even reach out to me on social media or email me !

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