wait : a poem by zach

I left home still as a child

I walked a thousand sorry miles

To wait for my father, coming out to the world

He said my boy you've got to hold up those arms

I see my plans, and you will too

I’ll come get you, when I’m on my way

So I waited many years,

Held back the pain behind my tears

For my father, to come find me like he said

And in that time I was alone,

So many years without my home

I made brothers of a different kind instead

And at the time I didn't know,

Flying next to the crows

Towards disaster, and the things that I would see

There I never found my father,

There I never found my brothers

Close to death in my lifetime I will be

A hero into the masses,

To those born without chances

There's a freedom that everyone deserves

I know there's greed and there's corruption

I've seen death and mass destruction

And I'm telling you, I’m running out of patience

But I will not be commanded, I will not be controlled

And I will not let my future go on

Without the help of my name

I will not be fooled,

With different kinds of decay

Trying to kill me it’ll find chances

But my Father is on his way

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