Spoken Word: War Cry

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Let me start from the top.

In the beginning when God created the Universe,

He knew he would go to that hilltop.

It was his design to redefine the world

And carve His authorship onto the Rock we stand,

So here’s the story line.

The first family.

The second born son’s blood spilt to the ground.

It cried from the Earth, creation heard and lamented,

Yet was still bound.

But on that cross the Son of Man bled.

His actions resonated into the depths of creation,

And they saw the coming of their liberation.

For this blood was innocent.

When Moses raised his staff and the Dead Sea parted,

The Lord God made a way for his people to leave their old life departed.

I see the same picture as when the blood and water separated and flowed from His side on that cross, he called me his heavenly citizen.

No, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; the same seed bleeds down all of humanity. We make excuses that all our souls crave are a bit of wanderlust. But that lust masked in with the twisted lies we believe as our first mother did dried our bones and without the living water we are still only dust.

Praise Him for making a way for his people that he would do anything to abide with his bride. For he saw that it was necessary to bring us to himself.

From above he waters the Earth with his love, his faithfulness, and his compassion. For he has not forgotten His creation, his greatest passion, that he would die for me is still a mystery.

The Lord’s presence is in the cloud of uncertainty, and from Him comes the drops of his likeness disguised in blessings.

For the master of carpentry also held dust in his hands and created them male and female, confirming a promise with his breath.

His endless pursuit of his Sons and Daughters fashioned a new covenant that was sealed with a perfect death.

When he said he is the living God, the living water, the new wine, the blood that washes clean, he meant it.

That blood and wine runs through the veins of humanity and are evidence that when he said it is done, he finished it.

For the Lord calls his remnant to lay down idols and love one another from East to West.

We’ve tested his patience; we’ve tried his love;

But when he spread his arms on that cross,

His hands were reaching for you despite the cost.

Don’t forget it, you are met by love.

Even in your darkest corners,

When your defeated knees hit the ground when you pray,

When your fragmented heart yearns for a different day,

When you notice the doubt that has occupied the back of your mind,

Recognize your story is and always will be undersigned.

Jesus redeems and restores, creation should be dead but his resurrection ripped the cosmos into a supernatural directive at the seams.

The same water that flooded the Earth to rid of sin is the same water used as a symbol of my earthly resurrection so you see how I cannot help but testify!

When my battles face me to crush me,

When the darkness settles to make me feel like I’m no longer free...

It’s his voice I chase in the darkness that leads me back to his light.

It’s his voice on my lips of praise when I call to fight.

His song in my mouth and the worship I offer with my life are my greatest weapons.

He gives me joy without my permission, just to show me how relentless he is for me.

I can never be the same person.

Listen to me when I try to magnify.

This is my War Cry.