why should God answer your prayers?

These thoughts are convicting me.

When you pray, do you feel a sense that God is asking you why?

Why are you praying for ______ ?

For instance, you pray for that job, car, house, dog, future investments, time, etc...

What do you pray for?

Why do you pray for that?

Why do you want that?

My understanding of the Word of God is that God calls us to live a life that glorifies Him.

Maybe He asks all of us WHY because He wants to know if He's involved in our life.

Think about it: what can you do that will glorify God with that new job, new house, a new furry friend, or whatever?

Do your actions show that you are living a life of worship?

Do you bless others with what you have and the position you're in?

Decisions must revolve around: does this glorify God?

Why should He answer this prayer?

What are your deepest motives?


My prayers reveal what I most care about and why I care to pray for what I pray for.

These thoughts are convicting me.

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